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The gravtruck’s driver slammed on his brakes causing two landspeeders to collide with his rear end. I also don’t want to come anywhere near your three-eyed hide, no matter how many credits you paid me. Brakatak had no idea what the Utai was doing, but he trusted him, so he didn’t need to. The Weequay’s trick with the A-A5 had caused them to slow down just enough that the X raced ahead of the CR and the luckless A-A5, which was in the process of crashing and tipping over. The Anaxes Tunnel was a two lane roadway separated from two lanes of oncoming traffic by a long single line of permacrete columns stretched out every fifteen meters down the underpass. A cloud of dust rose in their wake as their repulsarlifts disrupted the dirt roadway leading away from the agricombine. The X’s turbines screamed as Erw accelerated again. Erw held out his left arm outside the X

It was clear to everyone that they were destined for each other if they could just get their heads out of their shebs long enough to realize it. The Weequays burst into the open field at the edge of the forest as the trees finally brought the semi to a stop. The main issue was that the tunnel wove left and right and undulated over several built in rises and downslopes, thus preventing them from seeing any further down the tunnel than a hundred meters at a time. Brakatak hoped Erw saw them all. Each tiny plant was worth its weight in aurodium. Brakatak looked down at the speedometer as Erw pushed it over kph.

Erw kept running through the gears, his eyes swiveling from the road back to his rear-view mirror to keep an eye out for their pursuers. The passenger Weequay flashed a hold-out blaster. Hydian Way unfortunately had the rather large Freia Kallea column located dead center of the roundabout intersection with Perlemian Avenue. The Weequays were on their bumper and moving ahead to come alongside them once again. He heard the squeal of high-performance brakes and a shout from one of Hondo’s sleemos.

Both speeders attempted to make it through the tunnel on the right but the CCG speeder illlin recovered enough to avoid hitting the curb with its left repulsars.


Fifty meters from the barn Erw slammed on the brakes and spun the car to the right. Several landspeeders crashed together as she passed.

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Epixode didn’t have time to answer. A cloud of white smoke emerged from the truck’s brakes. Ahead of them the tunnel split in two where it divided for the exits to both banks of the Yos River. Latts must have realized that as well. Erw installed some hydraulics that lower the car until it has a ground clearance of about 9 cm. They fishtailed back and forth to regain control of their swoop before continuing their pursuit of Brakatak’s crew.

Erw had reacted in the nick of time to prevent a head-on collision but not quickly enough to illn them from side-swiping the public transport. A gunner stood behind the turret. The CR exploded from a group of bushes. He hurt one of the herd, one iin my crew!

Rana and the two Utais helped Keatly to the homestead’s medbay, where Ashlei and Frip were already prepping the herd’s bacta dressings and blaster burn kit. Jan 9, ESRB: The Weequays blocked them off from moving into the other lane.

His joy was short lived. Task Force Odysseus The turn had given Razzi enough time to close within thirty meters.

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She pulled slightly ahead and whipped the weapon out again. Racing inside the tunnel was making him claustrophobic. She was somehow matching their speed while weaving through the oncoming traffic in her roadway.

A flick of the wrist and Erw upshifted and they were accelerating downhill towards the city’s center. He noted they were all Weequays. Brakatak thought about that for a moment. What is her top speed?

Erw plunged into a more deeply wooded area of Kuvara trees. The sudden flight of the near silent birds distracted Brakatak from the roadway ahead. That could be trouble, Brakatak thought. To fight another day Empire’s short on a thousand different things. Brakatak could see the frustration on the CR driver’s face. An explosion geysered from the field in front of them.


The vod had turned on their pursuers. Brakatak spotted a construction crew alongside the roadway ahead of them. If they ditched the WLO-5 they would be wid in the teh in twenty minutes, well before Hondo could be notified of the tank’s failure and set up a second ambush for them. It took him a few seconds to realize that Jason was quoting from some Earth holodrama he was familiar with. Farmers are talking the Empire might pay subsidies to grow certain crops.

The stack of documents were flung into the air by the startled human. If Erw could get behind it they would be under cover all the way back to the roadway. My guess is they tried to follow us from the capital and lost us, then lay low and waited for us to come along on our return trip in order to drop this little ambush on us.

That’s why some cartoons and music have made its way to the masses. Ponc Kumas’s Agricombine, Chryse Planitia Region, Imperial Mars Brakatak picked up a red dirt clod and crumbled it in his hand, letting the smaller particles episodee dirt sift through his fingers.

Several other landspeeders were in the roadway at the time. The WLO-5 was nearly halfway between them and the river road now. Brakatak smiled as he heard the whine of goe CR continue along the river road. Erw and his X had gained another kilometers on them but they were still ten minutes from Culter City.

The CCG officer didn’t notice the red swoop behind him, and Brakatak imagined Razzi grinning at their misfortune.