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Madhvi wonders where is she going, and sees Sagar going after Ganga. Kanchana Ganga Episode 2nd February Monday. Sagar goes after her. Lakshman says she went with the new driver. Sagar says wait Dadi, let her sing, come Ganga. One of the goons throw a knife towards them and Shiva gets hurt.

Gangaa – Episode – July 13, – Full Episode. Shiva brings Ganga near the ‘mandapam’ and asks her to repair the whole thing. Kanchana Ganga Episode 10th December Wednesday. Sagar and Jhanvi get shocked. Then, Ganga gets angry and starts arguing with Shiva. Kanchana Ganga Episode 22nd December Monday.

Niranjan says I m proud of Sahil, but I would like to talk to Ganga once, we have to ask Ganga her choice too, its about her life, once I hear that she has no objection to marry Sahil, then we will take talk ahead. Shiva informs Priya that he should send Ganga near the children again so that she would be happy spending time with them. Kanchana Ganga Episode 16th December Tuesday.

She gets shy and runs. Kanchana Ganga Episode 17th December Wednesday. Sagar asks why are you running. Ganga sees herself in mirror and imagines Sagar. Kanchana Ganga Episode 20th November Thursday. Meanwhile, Shiva informs Ganga that it is just her imagination and asks her to come soon so they could escape from there.


Jhanvi says now Pulkit will sing for Supriya. Kanchana Ganga Episode 20th January Tuesday. RV asks Lakshman not to let them leave that place at any cost, he will be there in fifteen minutes.

Kanchana Ganga Episode 13th February Friday. He tells the ladies he has to go and leave the house.

On the other hand, Shiva informs Ganga that he had a dream in which she wore the dupatta he has chosen. She tells him to say I love you infront of everyone.

Gangaa Telugu Season 1. All the women dance on the occassion of Ashwini’s mehendi function. Lakshman says she went with the new driver. Kanchana Ganga Episode 16th January Friday. Sagar and Jhanvi get shocked. Sagar stops her holding her hand.

Kanchana Ganga Episode 728 (13th Apr 2015)

She says we both have married, you are my husband, I m your wife. At home, Lakshmi tells Ranveer Amba has been missing from morning. They get locked in wedding which gets complex episkde unravels the entire story to get the audience sympathy for one girl and hatred for the other.

Ganga informs Shiva that she is feeling like there is someone in the building. Gangaa – Episode – July 31, – Full Episode. Niranjan says I will explain Amma ji, let Ganga dance, Pulkit is like her elder brother, its happy moment.


Kanchana Ganga Episode (13th Apr ) – CineVedika

Shiva’s mother calls the maid and asks him to make arrangements for the funeral, giving him some money. Kanchana Ganga Episode 17th March Tuesday. On the other hand, Kaushik asks Priya as to why aren’t the things going right between Ganga and Shiva, and they should do something.

He runs and applies haldi to Jhanvi.

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How would Ganga react to Shiva’s accident? The men have the different equation and there is also the other level villainy of women, to add to the drama. Sagar recalls the childhood moment, when he has filled sindoor in her maang, when Ganga asks him to apply sindoor to her so that she becomes a shield for him.

Ganga thinks then Sagar will like my love surprise. She sees Ganga and applies haldi to Sagar. Kanchana Ganga Episode 17th November Monday.